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Welcome to Wisdom in Action

Our name defines our work.

Whether partnering with individuals, businesses or organizations, our invitation is for you to access your most valuable resource - your wisdom. By accessing this wisdom and allowing it to guide your choices you are empowered to take actions that lead to the achievement of the highest possible outcomes. In doing so, you experience what we know to be the beauty of living and working with "Wisdom In Action."

For individuals, this involves creating a healthy, passion-filled life that expresses your values, embodies your gifts and fulfills your spirit!

For business, this involves building a value-based culture of trust and respect that inspires each person to give their best, resulting in a culture of high performance and attainment of a shared vision.

Wisdom in Action was founded by Jennie England, a Personal and Professional Coach and Trainer based in Carmel, California. Jennie brings 25 years of experience to her company in the areas of leadership and personal development, communication skills, and teamwork.

Jennie is dedicated to inspiring and motivating her clients to live and work from the "inside-out." That is, one must begin with inner exploration so that our outer work, our actions, are in accordance with our true intentions and vision. It has been our experience that working from the "inside out" is the most effective way to bring balance, fulfillment and breakthrough achievement to all areas of our lives and add wholeness and harmony to the world around us!

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